Eco House Serious Game

Group of students from Tallinn University Institute of Informatics developed serious computer game for EcoHousing project. This activity took place in the framework of software development practical workshop. EcoHousing project partners created the design of the game logic and students produced the graphics and the code.

Player is the head of the small family who lives in the small old house. House has an deprecated heating system and not very good insulation. Player has to make decisions how to renovate heating system, insulation, ventilation, and other elements in the house. All decisions will effect purchasing and maintenance costs. Unexpected events can appear, e.g. fuel prices will rise, summer is extremely hot or winter deadly freezing. The aim of the game is to reduce costs for heating, make your house environmentally friendly and make your family happy.

Students who participated in development:
Ragnar Säde – project manager, development
Priit Võrk – Testing, development
Martin Vahtra – documentation, development
Lennart Lüsi – architecture, development
Jaanika Jane Tõnurist – Graphical design

Game is accessible at

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