Presentation of project EcoHousing in Central Baltic Showcase Conference

On 10 October, 2013, among more than 150 participants from Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Sweden, representatives of project Ecohousing came to Stockholm for the third Central Baltic Showcase Conference.

Project Ecohousing representatives: Erkki Pesonen (TTS) and Anna Beloborodko (RTU) (Photo: Leena Kemppainen)

The aim of Showcase Conference was to expand the communication networks between participants of various projects and to present the results of 30 projects in an entertaining fashion during a two hour Project Fair.

The stand of project Ecohousing drew the attention of many participants. Most of them were interested in project activities about household energy efficiency, better use of household appliances as well as research about non-wood biofuels.

Most participants admitted that they live in apartments with centralised heating and were fascinated about the Latvian example of multi-family building heated with only renewable energy sources, which is being monitored within project Ecohousing.

Participants were delighted about project result dissemination approaches – dedicated advisory phone line, Facebook page and Project home page.

Consultations during Project Fair (Photo:

During the Project Fair we not only told others about Energy efficient and ecological housing, but also gathered knowledge on variety of other interesting subjects as sheep farming, better ways to teach mathematics and environmental education, healthy eating habits that create less impact on environment and many others.

We became good friends with representatives of another green energy promoting project WESA-“Wave energy for a sustainable archipelago”. This project optimised wave power systems, in order to produce wave power even during cold Baltic winters when the top of the sea is covered in ice. After on-site voting project WESA also received the programme’s annual Bouncing Float Award.

In addition to networking and communicating with other projects, all participants were able to look back on history of the Central Baltic INTERREG IV A Programme 2007-2013 through presentation of Bo Storrank and Linda Talve from the Joint Technical Secretariat and plan strategies for future developments as Ülari Alamets, the Programme Writer for the Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020, provided newest information about the plans for next planning period.

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