Renewable energy gathered listeners in Helsinki

Heating small houses with renewable energy raised interest and gathered more than 50 interested listeners during the OmaKoti- fair (OwnHouse) in Helsinki in April 2013. This seminar was organized by the EcoHousing project run by TTS – Työtehoseura.

Finland is proceeding well with increasing the use of renewable energy. The aim is to reach 38 percent share of renewable energy of the total energy consumption by the year 2020. At this point we have already reached the share of 28,5 percent, told the head of the renewable energy unit Timo Määttä from Motiva. Managing director Mikko Juva from the Development Center of One-family house construction (PRKK) also emphasized the relevance of wood in the energy consumption of dwellings.

Hannes Tuohiniitty from Bioenergia registered association told that the use of chopped firewood is notable, since 6-7 million cubic meters of it is used annually for heating small houses in Finland. Also modern pellet heating systems are well manageable – pellets move from storage to the burner with suction and have both automatic sweep and burner cleaning. A “ready to use” installed pellet heating system costs about 9 500 – 25 000 Euros. Nowadays there are also so called hybrid heating systems that combine solar and bioenergy. Solar cells on the roof produce energy and heat up warm water during March and September. Modern pellet fireplace can also warm up several rooms at once when the heat is conducted through flues to other rooms. This kind of heating solution can be purchased with 3 000 – 4 000 Euros. A pellet fireplace can also be connected to the water rotation heating.

Architect and researcher Matti Kuittinen from the Aalto University told that unfortunately the carbon footprint of a wooden apartment house is only observed during its’ usage time. A comprehensive inspection would, however, require also the manufacture, erection, transportation and the carbon footprint caused by the rest of the life cycle of the building.

By Liisa Lahdensaari-Nätt, TTS

Presentations from the seminar:
Energiaseminaariavaus (.pptx)
Ajankohtaista uusiutuvan energian käytöstä (.ppt)
Kardonar bioenergy solutions (.ppt)
Uusiutuvaa energiaa käyttävät lämmitysjärjestelmät pientaloissa (.pptx)

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